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ATP® GL-410 P MS Series polymeric PVC Glass Etch Films are applied on clean smooth surfaces, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and designed for creating excellent etched glass graphic effects. Film thickness is 80 microns (0,080mm). 7804 and 7805 Glass Etch Films are highly preferred for internal decoration and ideal for graphic and logo applications with the plotter machines and printing colour graphics. Material durability is up to 7 years. 

Manufactured with the highest ATP® quality, and applied in a wide range of areas such as stores, shops, shopping centers, partitions with various kinds and sizes of glass surfaces, 7802 – 7 Series Glass Etch Films enables professionals to present creativity at its best. 

The softness in the PVC structure enables easy cut, easy strip and trouble-free application. This series has excellent printing quality producing perfect results in decoration applications. Adhesive material quality is of extra importance for this type of product and Unifol® provides the ideal product to meet the highest standards. 

The kraft clay-coated release liner used in ATP® GL-410 P MS AE2 1520 GLASSETCH FILM FROSTED Translucent Series is well-matched to the foil material to facilitate fast plotter cutting and does not cause any distortion which makes the application process easier and increases the quality of the end result. 

Please consult to us for any specific colour requirements (RAL or Pantone) outside of our catalogue.


Calendered Polimeric PVC Film, without cadmium


Copolymer Acryl

Adhesive Tack(24 hour

Normal weather 23/50

DIN 50014, FINAT 1)


> 18N/25mm



> 19 N/25 mm



> 19 N/25 mm



> 18 N/25 mm


Release (FINAT3)

> 7 N/25 mm


Temperature on Application

> + 5 ºC

Existing Life

Outdoor durability
Indoor durability


7 years

Physical Properties

PVC Film thickness



Release Liner

138g/m2 Bleached Kraft Paper

Temperature Resistance    Between


Tests against Chemicals and Bases


The Raw PVC Films are resistant against mineral oil,

grease, petrol, base, acid, salt and alcine








16 hour

little swelling

Diesel oil


no change

no change

Engine oil



no change




no change

Bases 65 C


8 hour

no change

Salt Spray



no change





no change

Ethyene Alcohol



no change




no change




no change

Vinegar acid



no change

Lemon acid



no change