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High colour-gamut
The 1224 HDC FTR display printer features the highest color gamut and productivity in its class, demonstrating high definition sharp, fine text and photographic detail with bright intense colors.

In-line white
The :Jeti 1224 HDC FTR has pre- and post white ink on board. Imagine being able to print on any flat object or media, regardless of base colour. White ink capability offers a print shop owner the ability to sell high value, backlit graphics on transparent and translucent materials. White ink is also used to give your prints that extra touch of creativity.

Industrial Build Quality 
Built on a solid steel platform, designed for 3 shift operations, the :Jeti 1224 HDC FTR features a unique, linear motor driven vacuum bed for highly accurate dot placement in both flatbed mode or with the optional roll to roll (RTR) feature. The flatbed architecture can print on rigid media up to five centimeters (2") thick and with its industrial grade construction it can support media rolls up to 113 Kg (250 lbs) with the FTR option.

Retractable Pins For Easy Media Loading
A range of retractable pins will help the operator to position the material in place, accurately and fast, sheet to sheet for perfectly registered prints.

Ultimate Flexibility
This state of the art engine gives the best of both worlds, speed and high resolution in one printer so you don't have to compromise. The UV lamps are controllable in 5% increments to give you total control for printing on sensitive substrates. Now you can achieve the sharpest images ever seen, whilst delivering the speed and productivity you need to meet today's demanding deadlines.

FTR (Flat to Roll) Option 
The Flat to Roll option gives the you the ability to print roll materials with the same high quality and resolution as boards and sheets, without losing speed, enabling you to print banners and larger images up to 30 metres (100 ft) or even longer, according to media-weight. The FTR option supports industry standard 98" wide media and can handle rolls up to 250lbs (113 kg) so you can buy media economically and compete in more markets.

Multiple board and borderless
With the :Jeti 1224 HDC FTR you can print multiple boards simultaneously, saving time and boosting productivity. With the borderless printing possibility you can add a touch of class to please your designer.





Head Technology
20 Ricoh Gray scale Piezoelectric 
Generation 4 heads

Print Resolution 
Prints high quality at true 1200 dpi

Media Dimensions
Rigid Material, 
Max size: 96 x 48 inches (2.43 x 1.21 meter) with up to 2 inches of bleed giving a maximum printable size of 98 inches x 50 inches (2.49 x 1.27 meters) media dependent 
Max thickness: 2" (5 cm)

Media Types 
Reinforced vinyl, pressure sensitive vinyl,canvas, fabrics, foamboard, corrugated board,lenticular, tile, drywall, glass, sheet metal,paper and more

Printing Speeds
Express mode: 980 sqft/hr (91 m²/hr) 
Production mode: 484 sqft/hr (45 m²/hr) 
High Quality mode: 248 sqft/hr (23 m²/hr)

Weight 1224 HDC 7,502 lbs (3,406 kg) 
Crated Weight 1224 HDC 9,502 lbs (4,313 kg) 
Weight FTR 2,100 lbs (952 kg) 
Crated Weight FTR 2,743 lbs (1,243 kg)

Printer Dimensions 
Printer Dimensions (with light shields) 66"h x 80"w x 227.7"l (168 x 203 x 578cm) 
Printer Dimensions with FTR (with light shields) 66"h x 108"w x 227.7"l (168 x 274 x 578cm)

Power Consumption

Electrical Requirements
400Y / 230V, 3 Phase 50/60 Hz

560 mm (22 inch) LCD Flat panel Display

Operator Console 
Adjustable shelf with trackball, mouse andmonitor

Input Formats 
Adobe Postscript Level 3, Pdf, Jpeg, Tiff,Eps,RGB

All our printers come with a wide choice ofRips depending on your applications and yourexisting workflow. Your local representative will inform you in detail.

Compressed Air 
100PSIminimum - 150PSI(7-10 bar) maximumwith a 10 gallon (40 liter tank) 15 cfm peak

Inks Shelf life 
1 year for UV Inks.

Enclosed dust free room with ambienttemperatures ranging from 21ºC - 25ºC(69ºF - 77ºF)

Relative Humidity
40% to 75% to operate atoptimum level (Environment is critical for theprinter)

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